The Maenza family has always been a family of winegrowers and grapes suppliers. A life spent among the vineyards with a dream in their hands: produce wines. In 2019, the dream came tue thanks to the initiative of the new generation. So, the whole family has been involved in this ambitious project in order to see their wines born from the grapes they have always cultivated and harvested; this time not for the others but for themselves.


The vineyards sum up the soul and production philosophy of the winery. The vineyards have been planted since 1996 and they extend over approximately ten hectares, at an altitude between 400 and 600 metres above sea level. Here, indigenous varieties such as ‘Catarratto’ and international varieties such as ‘Syrah’, considered one of the most representative of the Camporeale area, grow. The soils are rich in clay, conducive to the full expression of the grape varieties grown.

The family vineyards are cultivated according to the organic agriculture method, respecting the soil and the natural characteristics of the plants. The result of this approach is healthy vineyards that grow following the natural rhythm of the seasons, perfectly integrated into their environment.

Maenza Vini

The vineyards sum up the soul and production philosophy of the winery


The Maenza family is ambassador of healthy and environmentally friendly viticulture, far from interventionist and invasive practices. With this conscious approach, we preserve soil biodiversity, allowing organisms and microorganisms to make the soil more fertile, gently accompanying the vine at every stage of its development.


This is how ‘Jacques’ and ‘Bèa’ were born, wines obtained directly from grapes grown in the family vineyards in Camporeale, in the province of Palermo. A small farming village nestled in the hills of the Alto Belìce, a landscape that winds between splendid heights alternating with endless expanses of vineyards, a place that has always had a vocation for agriculture and viticulture. It is precisely in this small area of the Sicilian hinterland that the interaction between several factors, such as soil, exposure and climate, allows the production of high-quality grapes and wines that fully reflect the characteristics of the territory.